Time-Tested Secrets To Pleasing A Woman!

No other book in the history of mankind has ever been written quite like Laws Of The BedroomLaws Of The Bedroom is THE MAN(UAL) for MEN, teaching them how to please a woman inside and outside of the bedroom in ways her body craves to be touched by a man, how to treat her, care for her, look out for her … It also teaches men what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER MAKING LOVE to a woman and in the PROPER ORDER (of events and positions) to send her into a total physical, nerve-twitching, leg-jerking, lip-biting, fist-clenching, multi-orgasmic, tongue-wagging state of mind, body and soul! (i.e., A place/experience no man has ever taken your honey before — until you came across this book.)

Laws Of The Bedroom Stands Alone As The Best!

Laws Of The Bedroom is a one of a kind book that stands alone in the genre of sex and intimacy in relationships. Other books don’t compare; they can’t compete. They talk statistics, facts, and surveys … You get the idea that the other authors of those works “talk about something” they’ve never experienced, but only “researched.” Laws Of The Bedroom is the real deal. You won’t be bored with facts and stats and surveys alike … Nope, you’re going to get the “real deal” … Real, hands-on “how-to’s” you can use the same day you get the book or listen to the audio. Guaranteed!

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    What You Will Learn Inside Laws Of The Bedroom

    While LAWS OF THE BEDROOM was written for the empowerment of men and for the benefit of the women they love, I always say, LAWS OF THE BEDROOM teaches men what the (fundamental) laws are when it comes to how a woman should be treated and made love to. At the same time, women learn what their (loving) rights are when it comes to how they should be treated.

    Bedroom Ready For Love-Making


    ♦ The #1 solution to satisfying and pleasing a woman … FOREVER!

    Hundreds of self-improvement tips for him that will make him the kind of man every woman wants to date, marry and make love to.

    Relationship tips for him that will put a smile on her face every single day and improve the entire relationship altogether in ways she’s never experienced before … FOREVER!

    ♦ Specifically, how to romance a woman right off her feet in ways that will melt her heart, drive her (wonderfully) crazy, and have her falling in love with him over and over again.

    Safeguards, warnings and precautions every man should be aware of when interacting with women; from socializing to dating and having sex.

    ♦ Specifically, what a man should do to (and for) a woman before, during and after making love to her for hours on end!

    Look Inside Laws Of The Bedroom

    LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, written from a male perspective, is a great resource for men (and women) seeking a loving relationship or wanting to step it up to the next level! Whether you’re a man in a committed relationship or you’re single, the suggestions inside LAWS OF THE BEDROOM for better relationships, intimacy, and more compelling sex are outlined throughout the book with detail not found in other books on this subject matter. LAWS OF THE BEDROOM can literally take your current (or future) relationship to heights of love, ecstasy and personal fulfillment that you’ve never experienced.

    These strategies are so powerful that I refer to them as LAWS in my book because they should be part of the ground rules for embarking on healthy relationships or enhancing the one you have. The LAWS are presented in a logical format and crafted for quick reference and easy implementation. They consist of the following key elements:

    Laws Of The Bedroom

    Laws Of The Bedroom Table Of Contents

    Laws Of The Bedroom

    The Problem With Sex & Relationships Today

    Self-Improvement For Better Sex & A More Fulfilling Relationship

    Warnings, Safeguards & Precautions

    Romancing Her Like She’s Never Been Romanced Before

    What To Know & Do BEFORE Making Love

    What To Know & Do WHILE Making Love

    What To Know & Do AFTER Making Love

    Below, you’ll see about 77 different page screen shots right out of the book. There are actually over 250 core content pages to this book, where each page is packed with insights, wisdom and know-how for your growing knowledge on this subject. If you like what you see at a glance, then I know you’ll love to hold the book in your hands and read it cover to cover. Then, you’ll love applying what you learn with the one you love … no question!

    AGAIN these are just samples of what’s inside LAWS OF THE BEDROOM. For example, CHAPTER TWO: Self-Improvement For Better Sex & A More Fulfilling Relationship is actually around 80+ pages. CHAPTER SIX: What To Know & Do While Making Love is approximately 50+ pages. What you see above, again, are just sample screen shots of what LAWS OF THE BEDROOM looks like on the inside. It’s like no other book on this subject!

    Sample Laws You Will Learn

    MEN, HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN for the benefit of the woman you love from here ‘til the end of time …

    • CandlesThe problem with sex and relationships today.
    • How to cultivate the right attitude about yourself from this day forward!
    • How to please her and keep pleasing her for hours on end!
    • How to cultivate a sensuous and soothing tone of voice!
    • How to cultivate the right attitude about yourself for your gal
    • Exactly what women want in a man!
    • How to develop specific qualities about you that drives her crazy about you.
    • How to give her a look, or a touch, that will make her jump you right then and there.
    • How to become more confident, attractive and relaxed around women.
    • How to develop a unique and personal sense of humor all women love in a man (almost) more than anything else.
    • Why and how to clean up your morals, ethics and virtues for yourself and for her.
    • How to maintain a small element of secrecy about your life and your plans for living out your dreams, which keeps her admiring you and instills trust in your leadership as the man.
    • How to build up your woman from the inside out! How to support dreams, goals and aspirations.
    • How to learn how to really impress a woman.
    • How to lead your own life and be #1 to her!
    • How to cultivate very specific personalities for you and for her.
    • How to develop (in you, the man) the top 10 qualities all women look for in a man.
    • The five qualifiers for finding your soul mate.
    • The commandments for a loving man/husband.
    • How to think about your wife (or your girlfriend).
    • How to learn what she’s really thinking.
    • How to predict, avoid and calm any (tense) situation.
    • How to get to know her in ways you never thought before!
    • How to get to know all about sexy clothing and what helps her look sexy!Woman In Lengerie
    • How to find out what her sizes are so you can shop for her. She’ll love you for this!
    • Grooming tips that attract a loving woman to you.
    • How to improve your diet! Eat and drink better for better sex every time!
    • How to exercise your entire body to improve sexual stamina, endurance and “love muscle” performance every time!
    • How to sweat (a lot) before you make love!
    • How to shape your booty just for her!
    • How to lose the “gut” for you and for her (the ultimate gut-busting secret even the so-called workout/sexperts overlook!)
    • How to cleanse your intestines for better digestion, real gut busting results and of course … Slimmer, better sex!
    • How to improve your sex drive?
    • How to boost your energy level every day!
    • You’ll learn why your “rocket” might fall down and out in the line of duty.
    • How to help keep your fire hose from firin’ too fast, too early!
    • How to watch out for “late-night” sexual enhancing self-help programs and products loaded with B.S.
    • Myth-busting facts about pills, potions, size and all that rocket enlargement B.S.
    • How to avoid negative thinking.
    • How to reevaluate your career goals, if necessary for you and your honey in the name of more lovin’, livin’, health, wealth and prosperity (sexually speaking) of course …
    • How to become a new man, a greater lover subconsciously and automatically!
    • How to learn to properly communicate (sexually) with your honey.
    • Women to watch for. Yes, there are women to watch out for! Yikes!
    • How to avoid these mistakes men make in relationships with women.
    • Why you should not take erotic photos of your girlfriend or wife.
    • What to do about addiction to sex.
    • Why you should avoid prostitutes, escorts, embarrassment, jail and disease.
    • Why you should stop having sex for all the wrong reasons.
    • Why you should avoid drinking too much alcohol and especially stop doing drugs!
    • Why you should avoid one night stands.
    • Why you should stop being a player, if you are one.
    • Why you should not believe everything you read when it comes to books on dating and “scoring big with women!”
    • Why you should understand the life consequences of dating many women vs. Dating a few and marrying one.
    • Why you should get rid of roommates.
    • The answer to the age old question, “should you two live together (while dating)?”
    • Why you should stop looking at and flirting in public with other women!Romantic Dinner For Two
    • How and why you should make time to romance her every chance you get!
    • Learn what it takes to be romantic.
    • How to cultivate a romantic nature within you.
    • Why you should hold her hand as often as you can.
    • Why it’s all in the way you kiss her.
    • Why and how you should get away as often as you can with her.
    • How to make these very specific hotel reservations with these particular considerations in mind.
    • MY checklist for the perfect hotel getaway!!!
    • How to propose to her like a romantic!
    • How to keep romancing her in everything you do!
    • What to know and do before making love!
    • Why and how to give your woman’s body time to get completely warmed up for making deep, erotic love together all night long for hours on end.
    • How to develop the art of telling stories of sensual and erotic adventures.
    • How to create just the right environment so you and your honey can make love for hours on end.
    • Why and how kissing comes first and lots of it.
    • Why you should keep everything for memories’ sake.
    • How a woman must be touched, slowly at first, with care and sensuality.
    • How to take your time and warm up YOUR body at the same rate as hers!

    • How to look, listen, experiment, observe and remember what your gal likes done to her during foreplay.
    • Why foreplay is the perfect time to learn what turns her on!
    • Why and how you should take your time undressing her and let her undress you!
    • Why and how you should creative when it comes to the kinds of activities you and your gal can share together during foreplay.
    • What you should know and do while making love to her, for hours on end.Do Not Disturb Sign
    • Learn what your priorities are going into the bedroom with her are.
    • How and why she always comes first, before you do, always.
    • How and why you should give your honey’s body time to warm up and experience what she likes most about making love with you.
    • Why and how you should be introducing new and exciting things you think she might like to experience.
    • How to encourage communication from your honey in the bedroom.
    • How to use my three-prong sexual pleasure secret.
    • How to be as intimate as you can with her and for as long as you can with her. She’ll love you for this!
    • How to please her and keep pleasing her!
    • How to touch her just right, with soft, strong, sensitive and confident hands.
    • How to stimulate and excite every erogenous zone on a woman’s body that craves to be touched by her man on a regular basis.
    • How to sexplore your woman’s body even more.
    • How to excite her g-spot for even more pleasure.
    • Learn when your honey’s about to have an orgasm?
    • How to help her reach exploding orgasm after orgasm every time you make love to her!
    • How to help her achieve multiple orgasms in one night, or morning, or afternoon!
    • Learn when to spot (and eliminate) fake orgasms, as they don’t don’t exist when you obey the laws of the bedroom!
    • Learn how to come at the same time with your honey, literally!
    • Learn when to pleasure her mind, body and soul in more ways than one with your multi-tasking sexual talents.
    • Why and how you should be listening to the sounds a woman makes and encourage her to express herself in every way, openly and with love.
    • Which sensual, sexual pleasure supplies you should stock up on.
    • How to improve your endurance, stamina, holding on and making it last!
    • Why these three words, when spoken during love-making, will have her melting in your arms every time!
    • Why doing (this activity) will have her locked into you and everything you do is in your control, lovingly!
    • Why (doing this) will make her love you more and more.
    • Why (these) (that belong to her) require attention to. She’ll love you for it.
    • Why and how you should (do this) with sensual, erotic mannerisms. She’ll love you for this.
    • Why you should giver your honey frequent (________).
    • The best times to make love to your honey.
    • What to know and do after making love!
    • What to do with your gal in bed after making great love to her.
    • What to do with your lady’s body after having made love to her all night long.
    • What to think about and get creative about after makin’ love to her.
    • How to ask your honey (these questions) as they relate to you and her spending time making love to you.
    • The last thing you should do (and say) after making love to her.

    Listen To Audio Samples

    I get so many compliments from people who have listened to the audio version of LAWS OF THE BEDROOM. So, before you order, I wanted you to listen for yourself to see if you too would enjoy listening to LAWS OF THE BEDROOM being read to you (by the author; oh, that’s me). It really is a great way to kick back, relax, listen, take in, and absorb all this content so it truly becomes one with who you are!

    Why is the audio version so effective for learning this material? Listening to the audio version of LAWS OF THE BEDROOM presents you an unparalleled learning experience. Not only do I go into the details you need, but I also add special emphasis in particular areas you also need to learn about where your relationship (or future one) is concerned!

    Just imagine relaxing and focusing on the material being read to you with just the right tonality, emphasis, and inflection for the maximum learning experience. Want a real treat? Dim the lights, light a candle or two, grab a glass of wine or other favorite beverage, and hit the PLAY button!

    Check out these rich audio samples I have for you below. What you’re going to listen to is a number of different LAWS right out of the book, recorded by yours truly. I hope you enjoy. Just think, there’s 8+ hours of this type of talk. If you like it, get the audio AND THE BOOK, which you can give to someone you want to have it while you listen to the audio. (Make sure your speakers are turned on, volume up, and click play to listen away!)

    • The Problem With Sex & Relationships Today + Where Are Men's Teachers? (CHAPTER 1) - SAMPLE
    • Cultivate The Right Attitude About Yourself From This Day Forward & Tonality (CHAPTER 2) - SAMPLE
    • Self-Improvement For Better Sex & A More Fulfilling Relationship (CHAPTER 2) - COMMENTARY
    • Don't Believe Everything You Read About Scoring BIG With Babes/Women (CHAPTER 3) - SAMPLE
    • Warnings, Safeguards & Precautions (CHAPTER 3) - COMMENTARY
    Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

    1. Get Away As Often As You (Two) Can + MY * HOT * HOTEL GETAWAY CHECKLIST (CHAPTER 4)
    2. Romancing Her Like She’s Never Been Romanced Before (CHAPTER 4) – COMMENTARY
    3. How To Relax, Be Patient, Participate In Foreplay Properly & Tell Erotic Adventures (CHAPTER 5)
    4. What To Know & Do BEFORE Making Love (CHAPTER 5) – COMMENTARY
    5. Where/How To Stimulate All “25” Of Her Erogenous Zones (CHAPTER 6) – SAMPLE
    6. Fake Orgasms Don’t Exist When You Obey The Laws (CHAPTER 6)
    7. What To Know & Do WHILE You Make Love (CHAPTER 6) – COMMENTARY
    8. What To Know & Do AFTER Making Love + How To Ask How Much Fun She Had (CHAPTER 7)
    9. What To Know & Do AFTER Making Love (CHAPTER 7) – COMMENTARY

    Woman Listening To Audio

    Can you imagine? TOSS YOUR HEAD BACK ON THE PILLOW, couch, or sofa, close your eyes and listen to what LAWS OF THE BEDROOM has in store for you! Relax in the bath tub, hot tub, under the covers, next to the fire, outdoors in the sun, indoors next to some you love listening to what the LAWS has to share with you.

    Driving to/from work listening to the Laws Of The Bedroom!DO YOU COMMUTE? Plug the LAWS audio into your car stereo or listen on your cell phone and listen while you drive to and from work. Take advantage of all that road time and enjoy the commute for a change! Just imagine what you’ll learn on the road, only for you to be able to apply it when you get home to your honey! You have to imagine turning all those hours sitting in traffic into your personal LAWS OF THE BEDROOM seminar room. Can you imagine how much more knowledgeable you’ll be about this material after 1-4 weeks of listening to the LAWS OF THE BEDROOM 2, 3, 4 times over and over until it’s one with you inside and out? EXACTLY!

    Who Benefits From Laws Of The Bedroom

    The LAWS benefits everyone who seeks love, to be loved, romance, and deep sensual passion in their love life with that special someone they love, cherish and adore …

    SINGLE … (Both Men & Women benefit from the Laws!)
    Guys, learn how to please a woman before you even meet her. When you do, she’ll be glad she met you. In fact, if you follow the Laws, she (probably) won’t leave you! She’ll be HOOKED to you! Follow my Top 10 Rules For Meeting A Woman On The First Date and truly enjoy your first meeting together. Again, she’ll be glad she met you and very impressed with your ability to maintain total control of your sensual emotions, giving her time and helping her to get to know you first and in more ways than one!

    DATING … (Couples benefit from the Laws!)
    Improve your sex life overnight! I’m not kidding.

    ENGAGED … (Couples benefit from the Laws!)
    Guarantee your honeymoon is the best it can possibly be, sexually. Learn these Laws (before you go on your honeymoon), surprise her and show her how you’re going to make love to her for the rest of your married life with her. (The LAWS makes a great wedding gift to new couples, by the way!)

    MARRIED … (Couples benefit from the Laws!)
    Turn on your sex life and your marriage again. The LAWS are guaranteed to turn you on to your wife and she on to you. If you’re married, you’ll have better sex with your wife, pleasing her in bed (like a bad boy) in ways you did when you first met. Making love and pleasing your wife should be one of your top priorities in life. Great sex with your wife should be as natural as can be. The LAWS helps you have better sex with wife.

    SEPARATED … (Both Men & Women benefit from the Laws!)
    There’s still time to save what you’ve created. Learn the LAWS of love and apply them!

    Bed Of Roses

    DIVORCED … (Both Men & Women benefit from the Laws!)
    Guarantee the next time you go into a relationship you know how to communicate with your new love in ways they’ve never experienced before. The next time, it’ll be forever …

    WIDOWED … (Both Men & Women benefit from the Laws!)
    Love is eternal and so are feelings of passion. You’ve loved many times in your life, and, if you’re ready, it’s time to love again. Learn, love and share your life with someone new. That someone out there might be in your same situation and is waiting to meet you too, and for the same reasons you hold.

    Specifically, for the guys, ask yourself …

    Do You Have a Girlfriend or a Wife?

    Guys, you can begin to apply these techniques immediately, producing tremendous results your very first night together. She’ll never forget the night you put this knowledge into action. Always and forever, holding you in a different and more special light; loving her in ways, she never thought possible; increasing intimacy and love for one another. Ladies, does any of this appeal to you? This book is for you too.

    Are You Looking for a Girlfriend or a Wife?

    Gentlemen, you can begin to study, condition and cultivate these LAWS into your subconscious so that by the time you meet this woman in your future, you’ll be ready to please her in ways she’s never dreamed possible before you came into her life. Trust me on this. As a result, she’ll undoubtedly want to see you again (and again and again). Because you’ll have what she needs. “You’ll have her medicine,” as I call it. Ladies, how does this sound to you?

    Are You Married or Engaged To Be Married?

    Again, couples in love should study this knowledge and implement the LAWS. Prepare yourselves, for those engaged, for a lifetime of pleasure with your wife/soon to be. Talk about living and “loving” happily ever after!

    Are You Having Problems in Your Relationship  with Your Girlfriend or Your Wife?

    Many times, more intimate relations between one another can be the answer. If you can achieve true intimacy together, putting each other first in each other’s lives, carry those feelings in your relationship outside the bedroom and grow the bond between you even stronger. With every encounter, every night you spend together, grow your relationship, stronger and stronger, together … as one

    Could Your “Sex Life” Improve with Your Girlfriend or Your Wife?

    You bet. These techniques were designed specifically to grow and improve your sexual performance, providing her more pleasure, time after time, for years to come.

    Would You Like “More Sex” with your Current Girlfriend or Your Wife?

    Look no further than what I have to say herein. Don’t wait to discover something on your own YEARS LATER. If something else works (like what I have to share with you) try it; if it works for me, it can work for you. You’re no different than I.

    Guys, your darling is waiting to be pleased with these techniques. No doubt, she’s been subconsciously craving this kind of attention from you since the day you both met; she just never knew this kind of pleasure was possible, until you showed up in her life with my techniques.

    Would You Just Like To Learn More about the Opposite Sex & Loving Her to All the Depths of Her Soul?

    Maybe you’ve not had much experience with dating or maybe you’ve just not found the right girl yet. Well, that’s alright. No matter if you’re in a relationship or alone on your own. You can always benefit from more knowledge about how to treat and please a woman. So, run with what works. Don’t waste any more of your time. Your woman needs you now … Let’s begin!

    Order The Laws Book and/or Audio

    Men & Women Both Love Laws Of The Bedroom

    Both Men & Women Love The LAWS

    Laws of the Bedroom wasn’t just written for men to experience the pleasures of making love to a woman. That would be selfish! No way! Instead, Laws of the Bedroom™ was written for both men and women. Specifically, for men, for the benefit of the women they love! Here’s what both men and women have to say about Laws of the Bedroom™ …

    Finally, a no-nonsense, ‘tell it like it is’ book written for men, by a man. It’s about time this book was written. I’m a therapist who is paid to communicate every day with my clients, and yet even my own husband didn’t know how to please me as Laws of the Bedroom™ suggests a man (really) please a woman, sexually. Bart, this book is long overdue. I’m very familiar with many books written on the subject of sex and improving relationships between a man and a woman. And, by far, Bart, your book stands head and shoulders above them all. Why? Because, it’s real. You’re real. You really live what you write about and that’s inspiring to me and my husband. You tell-it-like-it-is and how making love (between a man and a woman) should be! Now, I’m getting exactly what I need in bed and in our relationship. That’s the plus! My man loves me deeper as I have turned to love him more too. Thank you, Bart!” — Janice F., Ph.D., Psychologist

    “While browsing for a podcast, I noticed the Laws of the Bedroom™ as a favorite download. My wife who, is much younger, had expressed interest in reconnecting our relationship; so I attempted to order the podcast to see what the ‘Laws’ could teach me at my age (almost 60). But, there was a problem! Bart was revamping his web site and his podcast show … Well, this started a really cool adventure with Bart Smith. My eMails to him (inquiring about the status of his podcast shows/site) were answered with book excerpts and direct, personal, relevant advice. From there, I listened and learned. My next romantic marital encounter went a little different. Following Bart’s advice, I was more patient, less direct, more fun, less predictable. The result was off the schzam! Bart’s Laws of the Bedroom™ aren’t that much different than any man would write if he could think like a woman. But since all of us need to think like a woman to please a woman, somebody needs to show the way. At least for me, it never came as naturally and unselfishly as it did after understanding the Laws! Thanks again, Bart.” — John P., Michigan

    Had Shakespeare been able to read the Laws of the Bedroom™ back then, his infamous quote would have read: ‘If The Laws be the food of love, play on.’ Bart Smith has written a book that definitely plays the tune of love and sex like no other. Peppered with refreshing notes that set it apart from other books in genre of sex and relationships, the Laws is about making love in the heat of the moment as well as in the chill of daily distraction. It’s about making love that not only brings both the man and the woman more pleasure, but brings them closer together on all levels to create a love that lasts.” — Dawn H., San Diego, CA

    I have to say, I have experienced the Laws of the Bedroom™ first hand. I took your ‘laws of the bedroom’ and used them with my man. We were able to use these ‘Laws’ and enjoy each other more than we ever had before. Wow, there is no substitute for this knowledge … The physical and emotional intensity between us, while we made love together, grew so much once we started to use these ‘Laws”. We changed our ways of thinking and realized that this was the only way to be together, romantically, sexually and in life, as a couple! Once our physical relationship changed our emotional relationship changed as well; all for the better and all because of the ‘Laws!’ The different positions that Laws of the Bedroom™ talk about enhances the passion that can be experienced in a loving relationship. It brings more perspective to me, as a woman, and the feeling of ‘just getting it done and over with’ is long gone. It places more attention on pleasing me and helping me to be able to focus on making love to my man.” — Debra H., Los Angeles, CA

    When my own husband finally read your book, Laws of the Bedroom, he finally got it! Wow, what a difference your book made in our sex life. Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and, your hotel getaway ‘check list’ and recommendations for (the choice of) music to listen while we made love was so hot I’m melting inside just thinking about when I’m going to make love to my man again. Work? Job? Huh? What? I want my man right now … I can’t think about anything else! Thank you, Bart, for writing Laws of the Bedroom.” — Tami F., Los Angeles, California

    “I listen to your audio on the way to work in the car. Bart, I’m what, 15-20 years older than you, and I’ve never heard any one give the kind of advice you do in the way that you give it. I’m just amazed at how you explain things, and how in depth to each you go. You are wise beyond your years.” – Ted R. San Rafael, CA

    “Bart, I’m not sure what motivated you to write this book, but I thank you. Your intention is certainly in the right place. Men need to be shown how to worship a woman, sexually-speaking. Wow, I can’t wait to hear the audio version of Laws of the Bedroom. You’re going to blow people away.” — Andrea P., Newport Beach

    “Laws of the Bedroom™ has made the experience of ‘having sex’ turned into ‘making love’ with my man. It brings the love (I’ve been missing) to life and makes us both all the more happier. Thank you, Bart.” — Dorothy H., Pasadena, CA

    “Bart Smith is right on with his Laws Of The Bedroom™. Everything he says should be made law!” — Heidi B., Los Angeles, CA (Woman)

    “Bart, when did you write all this? The (Laws) web site itself is beautiful, did you create that too? The Laws is going to help so many people, it’s crazy. Wow, you are officially ‘the man’ to write the Laws of the Bedroom … simply, wow!” — Jens C., San Jose, CA

    “Always, your Laws come to my rescue! I’m very impressed with your Laws. You seem to cover everything a woman could ask for when it comes to pleasure, sex, relationships, being taken care of (intimately) by her man. This book is amazing! And, the part I was most impressed with? You don’t disrespect women. In fact you exalt them! You’re not like any of those other sex-women-chasing-seduction type teachers. No, you’re the complete opposite. And, that blows me away!” — O.B., Huntington Beach, CA (Woman)

    “Your Laws are so good to me! I can’t get enough of my man now! I see him, I want him. It’s like some kind of magic potion – I’m hooked on him! The Laws are to blame.” — Heather D., Los Angeles, CA

    “The Laws ‘broke me,‘ and now no one can fix me … your Laws are powerful!” — Cathy C., Costa Mesa, CA

    “Hey Bart, I read your Laws book, and from a woman’s point of view, here’s what I have to say, … ‘I LOVED IT!!!’ I cannot believe you wrote all this. Where did you get all this knowledge? It was easy reading and I got through it pretty quick. The material is so fun to read. My husband also read some (he doesn’t read much), and even he said it was great!” — Lindsay, Los Angeles, CA

    “I had to put the Laws down within minutes of picking it up, it made me so horny!” — Cindy, Los Angeles, CA

    “Because of where I work (e.g., book printer), I can’t really sit around and read all day, or I’d never get anything done. But, when I opened up your book file to check it before putting in to print, I definitely started reading it. Then, all of a sudden, I had to stop! Whoa! The question I have is how do you know what you know? I see a lot of books on this material come my way, but never anything like yours. You’re truly an amazing man.” — Peggy, Indiana

    “I know a lot of smart people, people with PhD’s and degrees. Bart, I’ve never heard anyone talk like you do. Where did you get your training? Education? Where? You’re a dynamite conversationalist, and what you wrote in the laws book, is simply in a class by itself.” – Adam, Irvine, CA

    [Regarding the Audio Version of the Laws] “Bart, what I really liked about the audio is the tone and intonation of your voice on the audio recordings of the Laws. Being a professional studio sound engineer in the recording industry here in Los Angeles, I’ve seen and heard the very best come and go through my studio. Your voice has that pro sound to it! Also, I have to admit, I’ve used some of your Laws suggestions to great effect. As a matter of fact, I have a great new girlfriend who would absolutely attest to your program being a success! We’re both looking forward to hearing your other audio files. Amazing material you’ve recorded here. You should have your own radio show … You do, don’t you?” — G.M., Los Angeles, California (Gentleman)

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    Meet The Author of Laws Of The Bedroom

    Laws Of The Bedroom by Bart SmithLAWS OF THE BEDROOM author, BART SMITH, shares his outlooks on life, personal philosophies, human observation and personal experiences in the area of relationships and what women really want from men. His intent? To help and encourage every man to give his very best to the woman he loves by giving her what she longs for, dreams of, and hopes for in the man she falls in love with, and to share with women what they might be missing out on when it comes to how they should be treated … according to … the LAWS!

    For more than two decades, Bart still holds true to these ideals. (“I’ve not seen one book like the LAWS, or even touched the content I touch inside it.”) He’s also observed improvements in the lives of many men and women who he has coached one on one, in groups and chats, on the phone, and other settings. LAWS OF THE BEDROOM is grounded in Bart’s personal convictions on how a woman should be treated and what makes her smile inside and out when the LAWS are applied. How can anything be wrong with that?

    Bart is an author of other books (see below), runs his own online business(es), is launching a future dating website (FindTheOneForMe.com) and is a phenomenal teacher/trainer of other disciplines that fall into the categories of marketing, software, website design (i.e., he designed this website), writing/designing/self-publishing books, recording audio/video, and anything to do with entrepreneurship and being your own boss!

    Oh, he also makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies at BartsCookies.com. “I know, if you try them you will see why I’m qualified to write LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, from one perspective. That is, what goes into my cookies also goes into the LAWS, which is also what goes into the woman you love. Which is, ALL OUT, NOTHING BUT ORGASMIC HIGHS on life and living it through and through! Could I have worded that differently? Probably, but you get the idea straight and clear in the way I said it. I’ll say this, the LAWS won’t disappoint you, like my cookies haven’t disappointed hundreds of cookie lovers and even thousands more over the past 2+ decades of my making them, but hey who’s counting. I just like to satisfy beyond any experience you’ve ever had. Welcome to my world, and welcome to … the LAWS OF THE BEDROOM!”

    “I’ve had the good fortune to be able to work with Bart on many projects over the years. Bart has provided amazing support and delivered fast and effective solutions to my challenges. Given that he’s in a completely different time zone to me makes him even more incredible. I get faster responsiveness from Bart than I do from many service providers in my own city! Bart is smart, savvy and infinitely knowledgeable on many topics. I would highly recommend that anyone who needs the kind of help Bart can provide, to work with him. You won’t look back, really. And I can’t withhold the fact that his cookies are without a doubt THE best I have ever eaten anywhere in the world. If you’re lucky, you may get some when you decide to work with him!” — Jenny S., Marketing Consultant (Australia)

    Bart Smith, Author of Laws Of The Bedroom

    Bart Smith makes the world's best chocolate chip cookies!

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